Vision Quest Solutions – Ocular Formula (60 Capsules)

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Product Description :
Ocular Formula which contains today’s most advanced eye formulation with 3-way support for healthy eyes, including: (1) ALL the nutrients used in the National Eye Institute’s Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2); (2) the highest-potency Lutein and Zeaxanthin on the market – important for rebuilding macular pigment optical density faster; and (3) newly researched antioxidants and ingredients like Taurine to support eye health, especially as we age.Eye-doctor-formulated and based on the National Eye Institute’s AREDS2 formula.
Highest-potency Lutein and Zeaxanthin on the market – for building macular pigment optical density (MPOD) at a faster rate.
Highest-quality ingredients, including 25mg Zinc, natural source Vitamin E and highly absorbable FloraGLO brand Lutein.
Also includes proprietary eye-doctor-formulated blend of newly researched nutrients.
60 capsules per bottle.

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Price: $33.95

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