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UMA Oils Absolute Anti-Aging Face Oil – 0.5 fl.oz.

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Product Description :
The quest for immortality was first and foremost on the minds of the Indian aristocracy, centuries ago and they built extravagant monuments like the Taj Mahal to ensure they’d be remembered forever. In their search for the proverbial fountain of youth, the rulers of ancient India searched far and wide, until they discovered frankincense an uncommon and treasured herb accessible only via a handful of traders from the Middle East.

Prized for its rarity and deeply regenerative properties, the anti-aging effects of frankincense oil brought them one step closer to the immortal beauty they so desired. Rich in frankincense and other precious essential oils, Absolute Anti Aging uses ancient formulas for beauty that transcends time.

– Catalyzes rapid cellular regeneration, for firm and full skin.
– Vitamin-rich botanicals diminish fine lines, age spots, and visible signs of aging skin.
– Provides rich moisture and enhances elasticity, to prevent wrinkles and dryness.
– Balances and softens skin texture, for a visible glow. – Balances and softens skin texture, for a visible glow.This ultra luxurious blend combines nature’s most potent botanicals to reverse visible signs of aging and to transform damaged skin or dry skin.
Rich frankincense essential oil balances pH and promotes rapid cell turnover, to catalyze production of healthy new skin cells.
Juniper berry essential oil acts as an astringent and antiseptic, to quickly reverse the effects of age and environmental factors.
Vitamin C-rich orange essential oil alleviates fine lines and age spots, while sandalwood essential oil neutralizes inflammation for softer, brighter, and more youthful skin.
Formulated in highly absorbent and nutrient-rich pomegranate oil, for immediate results.

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Price: $95.00

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