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TRUSCEND Fishing Lures 4~16″ Heavy-Duty Metal Multi Jointed Swimbaits Saltwater Freshwater Bionic Swimming Lures for Bass Catfish Pike Muskie Large Fish Fishing Segmented Lure Kit Lifelike

Only $28.99

🐟REALISTIC DUCK LURES —Big Duck: Length:3.93in Weight:0.91oz Hook: #2 hooks. These bass lures are made to look like realistic fish moving through the water
🐟MULTI-JOINTED TROUT LURE MOVES AND “SWIMS” The bass lures gives the appearance as if it is swimming beneath the surface in a lifelike manner, thanks to its two joints that mimic the motions
🐟HARD BODY FISHING ENSURES DURABILITY Ideal as a freshwater or saltwater tackle, this bait has a hard, rigid body that won’t easily be damaged by use or by bites of fish
🐟EXCELLENT TOPWATER LURE FOR PREDATOR FISH Whether you’re fishing for Pike, Bass, Musky or Catfish, the Truscend 3D Jointed Duck is designed with both a top and bottom hook hanger, so anglers can customize their presentation to match conditions.
🐟SHARP AND DURABLE TREBLE HOOKS — With sharp and durable VMC treble hooks, makes the fish firmly planted when it tries to make last-minute run or jump. Strong enough to catch big fish, lower decoupling rate.


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