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Tradition Craft Dry Skin Brushing Body Brush with Long Handle 16 inch for Bath Exfoliator,Shower-Natural Plant Bristle, Detachable Handle Beech Wood-Remove Dead Skin Body Scrubber Pouch & Hook Include

Only $10.99

The Tradition Craft body brush is made of High quality beech wood and natural plant sisal bristle.

Long Handle Dry Skin Body Brush
The handle length is 16 inch, help you easily to reach your back and brush it. 

Natural Plant Bristle
The bristle is natural cactus bristle, it is not animal bristle. 
And we must remind you that if you would like to buy a good brush with hard bristle, this is best choice for you. 
If you would like to get a soft bristle brush, then we would suggest you to choose other type.
This brush is more suitable for men and harsh skin. 

What You Can Get
Tradition Craft Dry Skin Brush Pakeage included:
* Made with natural bristles of the finest grade 
* High Quality wood handle 
* Travel Pouch included
* Stick-on hook included
It’s a body brush set with a cotton travel bag, So it is a good choice if you would like to send as a gift. 

Dry skin brushing is one of the best ways to cleanse the skin without removing the protective mantle of acid and oils.
It gently and effectively removes the top layer of dead skin cells with its build-up of dirt and acid, and deeply cleanses the pores.
It is recommended to replace it every three months
TRAVEL BAG & HOOK INCLUDED – We include a hook and travel bag with each brush for easy and convenient storage and travel, brush also has hook for hanging
2 in 1: Tradition Craft body brush could either be used with the16 inch long handle for easy reach or the handle can be removed and it can be used as palm brush.Our body scrubber has a 16” long curved detachable wooden handle for easy back scrubbing.
FEEL MORE ALIVE – Brush your sluggishness away and get new energy for the day. Whether you have a hard time waking up in the morning spend hours sitting each day or tend to have swollen legs feet or ankles you will greatly benefit from body brushing! Find quick relief from swelling or even inflammation as you activate your lymph flow. Simple yet effective this is your complete exfoliator set to easily exfoliate dead skin stimulate skin renewal and improve circulation.
ENJOY YOUR OWN AT- HOME SPA and bring your inner Zen out Brushing your skin provides a relaxing daily moment in your hectic life while you stimulate and refresh body and soul. It’s like a mini massage to increase your VITALITY one stroke at a time or even RELAX YOU into the night and help you with stress relief. Our body scrubber has a 15” long curved detachable wooden handle for easy back scrubbing.