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TOUCHBeauty Hot & Cold Facial Massager – Handheld Sonic Vibration Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenating Relaxation Device for Smoother Tighter Face, Skincare Warming & Cooling Beauty Tool for Women TB-1389

Price: $99.98 - $44.98

Product Description :

TOUCHBeauty’s Hot/Cool Skin Massager is a spa-grade anti-aging beauty device that eliminates wrinkles, fine lines and effectively reduces signs of aging. Using together with skin care product to help maximize the effectiveness of your daily skin care routine by increasing absorption and will help to restore cell activity, replenish nutrients and promote skin health.
TOUCHBeauty Premium Hot & Cold Facial Sonic Massager for Women, Length: 152 mm, Width: 48.5 mm, Height: 42.7 mm (Size) White

This skincare tool has 2 functions, one is for hot massage with 42℃ which increases blood circulation and helps absorb better skin care products & the sonic vibration strengthens the effect of hot massage while the 2nd function is for cold massage, both with sonic vibration it makes the skin look smoother, tighter, and more flexible.

The cold massage will help make skin cooling rapidly, which paved the way for further skin care & rejuvenation. It helps relieves stress, depression, shrink blood vessels, pore, locks skin nutrition, moisture effectively makes skin smooth & elastic.

The warm massage function, stimulates blood circulation & speed up, skin care products & accelerates the absorption of nutrients, long time use will improve dark skin.

It’s safe to use for any skin type such as; ageing, dry, oily, sensitive or normal skin. It’s compact and lightweight, easy to bring and fit in your pouch or bag without taking too much space.

It has a unique design water drop shape massage head that fits every curve of your face. It has a charging light indicator and also for hot, cold and sonic vibration, light indicator with auto-timing system: 2.5 minutes for each setting.MAKE SKIN LOOKING YOUNGER – TOUCHBeauty Warm&Cool facial massager for skin rejuvenation that make skin youthful. it combines several functions to make the skin look smoother,tighter,flexible. including Hot & Cool treatment and sonic vibration. spa-grade anti-aging beauty device.
ABSORBENT WARMING MASSAGE (42℃) – It helps stimulate the blood circulation acceleration, so the pore open and help absorbs quickly all the skin care products that you apply on face. When using it you will feel comfortable on your face without any pain at all.
ANTI-AGING COOLING MASSAGE (6℃) – It helps tightens the skin, shrinks pores, improves skin texture and removes fine lines and wrinkles. Enhance skin texture, brighten skin color and helps skin rejuvenation.
AUTOMATIC TIMER & USB RECHARGEABLE – Has a safe automatic timer 2.5 Minutes for each treatment mode. It is a rechargeable model can be recharged by USB data cable which is contained in the package. It’s lightweight and easy to carry and bring it with you to wherever you go, when traveling.
Quality Guarantee: There is NO RISK FOR YOU whatsoever with 30day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 12-MONTH WARRANTY with FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE! Our goal is to help you feel better about your skin, your face, and your life – So if you’re not 100% satisfied, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Price: $99.98 - $44.98

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