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Tarrago Metallic Shoe Cream – 1.7 Ounces

Only $10.99

Tarrago Metallic Shoe Cream polish is an ultra-soft and creamy wax-based shoe cream that will restore color and nourish leather. Quick drying, simply buff lightly with a brush or soft cloth. Very durable – it will last for weeks. Has an appealing fragrance. Soft natural waxes based cream with metallic finish which nourishes, maintains, shines and enhances the colour. For leather and synthetic leather. Nine metallic shades. 50ml/1,69 fl.oz.

Apply to smooth leather including boots, shoes, saddles and more
Perfect for any shoes which are scuffed or scratched
Polishes out marks leaving behind a gorgeous shine
Order comes with a 17 ounce jar of cream in the color of your choice


1.7 oz