Synthol: The Oil that Cursed Bodybuilding (WE R STUPID Book 40)

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Competitive sports, especially the ones in which there are no checks in terms of substance abuse, like the sports of bodybuilding and powerlifting, are crossing all the limits of human performance, which is virtually impossible to achieve naturally. The beautiful sport of bodybuilding which used to be primarily based on symmetry and aesthetics has turned into a sport of mass monsters, protruding bellies and inhuman use of ergogenic drugs. In order to succeed, the athletes are ready to jeopardize their health, and want to win at any cost. The cost in many cases is even their own life.

The limits of stupidity and extremity came when people started injecting oils as fillers, directly into their muscles bellies to artificially gain instant volume. These are intramuscular oils which cause a localized swelling in the muscles. It’s like a cosmetic surgery for the muscles, like the dermal fillers, as the muscle size increase is not due to hypertrophy or any adaptation to any form of training, but it’s due to swelling, e.g. filling water in a balloon.

Synthol has no place in sports, and this is its story…

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