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SparkFun RedBoard Artemis Machine Learning Development Board Includes BLE One megabyte of Flash USB-C Connector Qwiic I2C MEMS Microphone Program with Arduino IDE Run TenserFlow Models R3 Footprint

Price: $24.95

Product Description :
Think of the RedBoard Artemis as just another Arduino… That has BLE. And one megabyte of flash. And runs at less than 1mA. Oh, and it can run TensorFlow models. Ya, that too. The RedBoard Artemis takes the incredibly powerful Artemis module from SparkFun and wraps it up in an easy to use and familiar Uno footprint. We’ve written an Arduino core from scratch to make programming the Artemis as familiar as Serial.begin(9600). Time-to-first-blink is less than five minutes.The RedBoard Artemis has the improved power conditioning and USB to serial that we’ve refined over the years on our RedBoard line of products. A modern USB-C connector makes programming easy. A Qwiic connector makes I2C easy. The RedBoard Artemis is fully compatible with SparkFun’s Arduino core and can be programmed easily under the Arduino IDE. We’ve exposed the JTAG connector for more advanced users who prefer to use the power and speed of professional tools. We’ve added a digital MEMS microphone for folks wanting to experiment with always-on voice commands with TensorFlow and machine learning. We’ve even added a convenient jumper to measure current consumption for low power testing.

With 1MB flash and 384k RAM you’ll have plenty of room for your sketches. The on-board Artemis module runs at 48MHz with a 96MHz turbo mode available and with Bluetooth to boot!

The SparkFun RedBoard Artemis is a great platform to ‘kick the tires’ of this amazing module. If you’re interesting in testing out the full capabilities of the SparkFun Artemis module or if you’re looking for more compact solution, be sure to checkout our ATP and Nano versions of the Artemis line.

The Artemis module has the FCC/IC/CE Certification on the world’s first open-source, US manufactured, BLE module
1M Flash / 384k RAM gives you plenty of room for your sketches. 48MHz / 96MHz turbo available
Includes 24 GPIO pins – all interrupt capable. 21 PWM channels. Built in Bluetooth low energy 4.0 radio
Features 10 ADC channels with 14-bit precision, 2 UARTs, 6 I2C buses, 4 SPI buses, PDM Interface
Exposed JTAG connector for more advanced users to use the power and speed of professional tools

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Price: $24.95

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