Serious Skincare Gel – just the gel, 4 oz

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Enhancing your skin-toning experience with your Serious Skincare Facial Toning Tool. Apply this conductive gel to your skin and the unit’s metal nodules prior to use for extra comfort.FAST-ACTING SKINCARE AND FACIAL TONING GEL. This amazing facial toning formula by Verseo can promote collagen production and tighten loose, sagging, aging skin through gentle electric currents. Our 4 fl oz Reverse Lift Facial Toning Conductive Gel cream allows you to use your home facial machine with ease and comfort.
REVERSES AGING. When used with our microcurrent facial machine, this thick gel can help repair rough, bumpy, aging skin by targeting the muscles underneath the forehead, neck, and eyes. Restore your youthful glow and face the world with confidence! Other wrinkle treatments simply hydrate the skin temporarily. Our microcurrent facials, on the other hand, can tighten the muscles and restore the vitality of surrounding tissue and skin.
EASY AND EFFECTIVE. Simply use the product with microcurrent skin toning device. It’s a great way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging and pollution. Our formula rivals professional facial toning products. Simply apply this gel to your skin and to your gadget’s metal nodules for extra comfort during facial sessions. And voila! Watch the microcurrents work their magic before your eyes.
A PREMIUM SPA RIGHT IN YOUR OWN HOME. Pamper yourself at home with Verseo’s Skincare and skin toning gel. Simply wash your face with an oil-free cleanser, apply our Reverse Lift Gel, and use our microcurrent device as instructed. Apply your favorite lotion and add some facial massage movements afterward for an extra luxurious experience! You can feel great knowing that you’re taking great care of your face.
FOR MEN OR WOMEN: This cosmetic treatment isn’t only for women! Men also suffer from fine lines and wrinkles. Help the man in your life regain his youthful looks. Send him a gift basket with our anti-aging products. He can firm up his face muscles and boost collagen production in no time with our handy microcurrent set. The light fragrance in this gel can help anyone relax. Try it today!

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Price: $19.99

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