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Projoba Pollen Burst Plus Berry – 30 Packets

Price: $55.46 - $55.92

Product Description :
Pollen Burst Plus has all the benefits of original Pollen Burst, plus more. Pollen Burst Plus has a calm energy effect. Has more antioxidants than the original Pollen Burst, and has more appetite suppressant. This product also has a little bit different flavor than the original pollen burst. This product is a multi-berry flavor.

Everyone is loving this product and the Pollen Burst Plus now features New Zealand Blackcurrant in it. Comes in individual stick packs just like the original in 30 ct boxes. So it’s convenient, you can take it anywhere. It also has the only proven bio-available S.O.D in the world just like the original (Gliadin Complex)

Pollen Burst Plus is powered by bioavailable Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) to reduce oxidative damage and stress.Increases Energy
Promotes Anti-Aging
Powerful Antioxidant
Curbs Appetite

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Price: $55.46 - $55.92

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