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Powerful Women Plan for Retirement: Take Ownership of Your Financial Future (The Powerful Women Series Book 1)

Only $9.99

Are you prepared to retire on your terms?

Author, coach, and personal finance professional Debra K. Menke spent years watching powerful women not properly plan for retirement. To help this strong tribe of women take ownership of their financial freedom, she offers this love letter as a route to retirement success.

In Powerful Women Plan for Retirement, Debra helps you:

  • Figure out exactly how much money you’ll need in order to retire
  • Quit guessing whether you’ll be ready to retire in ten years
  • Create a solid retirement plan and never stress about it again
  • Ensure your plan doesn’t fall apart, even when life happens
  • Plan your exit strategy and start living the life of your daydreams

It’s never too late to plan for retirement, so join Debra as she marries the magic of manifestation with traditional retirement planning. You’ll be popping the champagne in no time!

“Debra Menke’s new book, Powerful Women Plan for Retirement, is like a good heart-to-heart with your best friend – who happens to be a financial professional. Her straightforward storytelling is a strong cup of coffee waking readers up to the news: the time to start investing in yourself and your retirement is now. Drawing on her own personal story, Debra’s book comes from a place of truth and wisdom. The book inspires women to take ownership of their financial futures – and experience the freedom and power that ensue.” — Penny Pennington, managing partner, Edward Jones