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No Eligible Gentleman: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

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She had a foolproof plan. Destiny had something else in mind.

When Elizabeth’s married sister Jane announces she and her husband intend to go into town for the season, their matchmaking mother’s first thought is to send some of her unwed daughters along to find suitors.

Though it was her intention to visit a while and then tell her mother no eligible men were in London, Elizabeth is pleasantly surprised to meet Mr. Darcy, a handsome and provocative man with whom she shares nothing in

common, but who excites her interest at every turn.

As their fondness grows stronger, their differences weigh heavily on Elizabeth’s mind.

Once Mr. Darcy’s aunt gets word of their connection, the situation becomes even more troublesome.

Will their feelings for each other outweigh their concerns, or will they be forced to forgo their budding relationship?

No Eligible Gentleman is a sensual romance featuring Our Dear Couple in this Pride & Prejudice Variation, and it’s over 50,000 words long.

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Price: 00.00

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