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NaturaNectar Immune Guardian, Concentrated Bee Propolis, Vegetable Capsules, 30 Count

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Around the world the Brazilian Bee Propolis is appreciated for its therapeutical properties backed by hundreds of scientific studies indicating the richness of its flavonoid content and antioxidant activity. Bee Propoils is an amazing substance that is strategically placed by honeybees before their hives to serve as the defender of the hive. As a consequence, the beehive is one of the most sterile enviornments known by the man even at high degrees of temperature and humidity. That is why millennia civilizations have relied on bee propolis to support their health. My Wellness Zone is NaturaNectar’s exclusive product side panel designed to give you a simple snapshot of how your product supports your health and wellness. Each vegetarian capsule delivers 150mg of he purest flavonoids from the highest quality bee propolis found anywhere in the world, the brazilian bee propolis. Honeybees select certain plants near their hives to collect resin from to produce what is konwn as propolis. The propolis becomes the immune system for the entire bee colony, protecting it from germs and bacteria and making the inner-hive one of the most sterile environments known to man. Three-decade old, orginal formula from Salomon Propolis has helped Scandinavians, Europeans and now Americans to support their immune systems and stay healthy. This is how beehives’ immune system can work for you. In addition, it also supports respiratory system and lung and bronchi cell health. An ingredient – FLAV M- that has been scientifically studied to provide immune system supportand is standardized thorough a patent protected process to yield a minimum of 50 mg/g of total flavonid content.Complete Year-round Immune Modulation Support from Premium Brazilian Propolis
Delivers Antioxidant Action
Support General Health & Wellbeing
High Concentration of Broad Spectrum Flavonoids from Brazilian Bee Propolis.
Green Extraction is Our Patent Protected and Exclusive Extraction Method that Obtains Pure Flavonoids from Bee Propolis While Eliminating Nearly all the Impurities and Beeswax. Only Water is Used. No Harsh-chemicals.

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Price: $17.80

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