Mediderm Purifying Balancing Facial Toner – Anti Aging Pore Minimizer – To Tone Face, Refresh Skin and Balance pH, Alcohol Free & Paraben Free

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Product Description :
Get the Beautiful Clean and Clear Skin You Have Always Wanted!

“I love the clean fresh feeling without stinging or burning. My skin feels clean but not tight and dry. I feel like it’s been keeping my breakouts to a minimum as well.” A Customer Review

“Most toners just smell like alcohol to me, but this one doesn’t. It actually smells very clean and refreshing! It’s also exactly the way my skin feels after using it. It doesn’t burn at all. Seems perfect for my skin! ” A customer review

Find out like many our satisfied why MediDerm’s Purifying Balancing Toner works so well…

✓ Refresh and Refine Your Skin – Our advanced formula removes impurities without drying your skin to leave it with just the right amount of moisture.

✓ No Burning or Skin Irritations –

✓ Shrinks Your Pores – This facial toner also contains pore minimizing benefits which purify the skin by cleaning and tightening your pores. Giving you a cleaner and more youthful looking appearance.

With over 18 years of experience, our products are Made in the USA at a GMP Compliant Manufacturing facility to ensure the highest standards of quality control.

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OIL SKIN CONTROL – Our Balancing facial toner is made up of a unique set of ingredients that work together to combat and eliminate excess oil. Oil control is essential for you to have balanced and healthy skin. This is works for oily/ normal skin types- It will helps restore your natural pH levels.
FOR A YOUTHFUL RADIANT TONE – Mediderm Balancing Facial Toner provides instant fighting and purifying effects, which makes it ideal for oily, troubled skin, it mades to balance the skin, you can rely on our product to give your skin a soft feel and tone.
CLEAR, SHINE FREE & MATTE FREE SKIN – Not only does this eliminate shine all day but it can also refine your skin by tightening your pores and getting rid of that annoying glare. Each morning after use you’ll get a beautiful shine free radiant appearance to start off your day.
PARABEN-FREE – Suitable for both men and women with oily, normal , combination skin types MediDerm products are made from high-quality paraben free preservatives.
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Customer Reviews :

Price: $14.97

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