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Lean for Life: Stay Motivated and Lean Forever- The Lifestyle Approach to Leanness: Balanced Diet, Aerobic Exercise, Weight Training

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The fitness trend of the new millennium and beyond is balanced training – aerobics and weights. The trend is clear, but questions remain: what? when? & how? Clarence Bass shows the way in Lean For Life. He explains, day by day, how to combine weights and aerobics – plus sound nutrition – to achieve total fitness, permanent fat loss and the ultimate physique. Lean For Life includes interesting and challenging, keep you motivated, training routines for high-tech aerobic equipment such as treadmills, indoor bicycles and rowers. In fact, the critical issue of motivation is emphasized throughout. This book presents a lifestyle approach that will make and keep you lean – for life!Three pronged fat-loss program
Diets, Aerobics, and weights
A well balanced program
Author of ripped 1,2,and 3

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Price: $16.95

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