Jasmine Aloe Vera Massage Cream. Keep Your Face and Body Fresh and Soft with Anti-Aging Therapy Cream. Have Deeply Moisturized and Nutrition on Your Skin. Organic Aloe Vera Extract. [400 g / 14.1 Oz]

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The rediscovered aloe vera plant, used for over 2000 years as a cosmetic aid, can help keep your skin feeling fresh and soft. Jasmine Aloe Vera Massage Cream, now scientifically reformulated with pure aloe vera extract, has captured the special qualities of this ageless plant to give your skin the glow of youth and beauty. Let Jasmine Aloe Vera Massage Cream prove it to youSINCE 1981: Jasmine has focused on delivering the highest grade cosmetics with the purest form available on the market to get beautiful skin. We believe that beautiful skin can be achieved by providing the best that nature has to offer.
ALOE VERA: Aloe vera helps prevent scarring and has anti-aging function, as well as protecting your skin from the sunburn. It has full of vitamin C and E which makes your skin healthier.
FUNCTIONAL: Aloe vera massage cream allows you to have extra soft and moisturizing skin, while relaxing your sensitive and tired skin with full of vitamins. You can even apply this massage cream to your soar muscles.
HOW TO USE: Take some cream and spread it with your hands. Next, when your palms get warm, apply to areas you want to massage. After massage, remove all the cream from your skin.
Made in USA: Jasmine Cosmetics has an upmost interest in sourcing quality raw materials and producing our product consistently up to industry standards. Based on our belief, we only make our products in the USA.

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Price: $10.99

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