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Immuderm 6 FL. OZ

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Healthy Skin with Immuderm

Did you ever wonder why younger skin is so incredibly beautiful? Why it retains its healthy vibrant glow under almost any condition? Why it always feels pleasantly thick and firm to the touch? The answer is skin resilience. It’s what dermatologists say gives younger skin the amazing power to fight off the things that age us like sun, smoke, and stress, the power to quickly repair and regenerate, the power to remain beautiful! Unfortunately, as your skin gets older it loses this age defying power. Like everything that gets older, skin resilience starts to slow down and thus your skin starts to show the tell tale signs of aging.

But what if there was a way to not only make your skin look younger but to make it ACT younger!
What if there was a way to actually help your skin repair and regenerate itself, a way to resist the things that age your skin, a way to dramatically improve your appearance and finally begin winning the war against aging skin

Research scientists working at Biotec Pharmacon have developed a patented immune supporting substance, Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan. This remarkable substance is extracted from the cell wall of baker’s yeast. Numerous scientific studies have proven its amazing ability to safely and effectively support your entire immune system when ingested. And now can be applied directly to your skin to help it repair, regenerate and rejuvenate.

Why not join the thousands of women and men around the world who have finally decided to get serious about their appearance. Why not address the real source of aging skin with Immuderm! It’s not your typical over-priced cosmetic. You are not paying for a pretty jar or clever marketing, but rather the incredible biotechnology that comes in every tube. It’s cutting edge science that make the amazing skin perfecting powers of Immudermpossible. The age defying results both women and men have achieved speak for themselves.

          <br />Healthy skin can be yours! Immuderm gives your skin more power to defend against external threats to skin healthy from the sun, smoke, environmental assaults, and the effects of other daily skin stressors. With daily use of Immuderm you have vibrant, beautiful looking, healthy skin.<br />It's hard to classify Immuderm as just another cosmetic. In fact, when you separate most cosmetics from their advertising hype they can really only do two things: Moisturize your skin or remove old dead skin.<br />The removal of old dead skin is accomplished by either dangerous acid peals, or ineffective abrasive facial soap scrubs. If new skin is indeed uncovered it quickly shows the appearance of aging because the problem (decreased skin resilience) has not been addressed.<br />On the other hand, moisturizing your skin might be good for it but does little or nothing to diminish the appearance of wrinkles except to provide a temporary "cosmetic" effect. This is accomplished by packing the surface layer of your skin with moisturizing ingredients that simply give your skin a more "plump" look.