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HMS-90 Immunocal Platinum (30packs) HMS 90 Brand: Immunocal, 0.44 oz Each

Price: $110.00

Product Description :
Contact the individual seller for info on each Immunocal Platinum. Authentic Immunocal Platinum boxes directly from Immunotec will vary per region. For example… Orders from Canada will have packaging with legislation for Canadian distribution. Packing will be in English and French and will show the ingredients, but will not have the nutritional information specified. Orders from the USA will be in English only with very slight variation of wording. If you see a box with Spanish wording, this would be supply from Immunotec’s Mexican distribution facilities. To view the actual original packing of Immunocal Platinum from Immunotec, visit Immunotec website and select the country’s flag for the recipients’ location. Then peruse the products available in that region.Creatine & minirals added, Support the immune system
Optimize antioxidant function, Detoxify at the cellular level,
neutralizing acid production, Slow down calcium loss
Increase energy level, strength and endurance
Help sugar metabolism, Optimize muscle function,

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Price: $110.00

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