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Healthy Breakfast: Food History: The History of our Favorite Breakfast

Food is just as entitled to a proper history as castles, wars, kings, queens, art, literature and the bubonic plague. But the book world is now so saturated by celebrity chefs trying to show the working man how to rub garlic on a ciabatta or break lime leaves over a piece of raw fish that we’ve lost sight of the really interesting stories behind the recipes we all know and love.

And, whilst I don’t ride around London on a scooter with my mates or swear at incompetent sous chefs for a living, nor do I know one end of a pork loin from its elbow, I do love history and I do love food.

And the history behind our favourite dishes is fascinating, surprising and overlooked – from the Buddha’s obsession with porridge to the dying playwright Moliere dosing himself with Parmesan rather than medicine (it didn’t work) and I wanted to find out more.

And in this volume I take a close look at the history and origins of the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Just what is a Full English and why is it English? What were the medicinal origins of cereal and who was the Benedict who loved his morning eggs so much.
Find out all of that and uch more in Healthy Breakfast…..

By Albert Jack

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