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Healing with Essential Oils: How to Use Them to Enhance Sleep, Digestion and Detoxification while Reducing Stress and Inflammation

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In this ground-breaking guide to advanced essential oils, Vibrant Blue Oils founder Jodi Sternoff Cohen shares her thorough and comprehensive roadmap for using essential oils to balance the underlying causes of various health concerns, including poor sleep, stress, compromised digestion, detoxification, gut inflammation, poor circulation, and blood sugar issues.

While many use essential oils to treat particular symptoms, like a stuffy nose or poor sleep, Jodi Cohen reveals in Healing with Essential Oils how essential oils can bring specific organs and regions of the brain, back into balance, thereby supporting the body to heal itself. She also has discovered that essential oils, when combined in certain synergistic combinations, expand their healing benefits exponentially, beyond that of the individual oils.

Healing with Essential Oils will show you how oils provide an open backdoor into the body through the olfactory channel and topical application, especially when the front door of digestion is compromised. This book will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to identify and prioritize your underlying health issues and support your healing journey with essential oils.

Healing with Essential Oils offers a variety of tools and checklists to help both the home practitioner and the professional understand why essential oils work and how to use them to support:
•Restful Sleep
•Enhanced Mood
•Reduced Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
•Optimal Digestion
•Reduced Inflammation in the Gut and the Brain
•Enhanced Detoxification
•Balanced Blood Sugar
•Improved Circulation

Healing with Essential Oils will empower you with the knowledge and tools to start feeling better with less work.

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