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Golden Rose Lip Marker Lip Stain Ultra Long Lasting Natural Finish Water Based with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E (104 Burgundy)

Price: $8.99

Product Description :
Buildable coverage with precise application. When you want to add color to your lips without the weight of lipstick or stickiness of lip gloss, try a Golden Rose Lip Marker. The water-based color gently stains the lips with color that has a natural finish (not matte or glossy). A precise chisel tip allows you to outline your lips with the marker and fill in evenly with color. The color goes on light and weightless, making it a perfect buildable lip stain. Apply one coat for a pop of color or add several for a bold, colorful lip look. The lip marker is kissproof and smudgeproof so it won’t transfer to your sweetie or rub off during the day. Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, the lip stain won’t dry out your lips. Color names listed are to give you an idea of the color. Lip Marker tubes only have a number to reflect the color.Quick Tips:

  • Always store your lip marker with the tip facing downwards. If the lip marker is not stored this way, drying out may occur.
  • If you’re worried about feathering, try lining your lips with a Golden Rose Lip Barrier Pencil prior to staining your lips. This will prevent the lip stain from going onto your skin.
  • For silky smooth application, apply to hydrated lips with a lip balm or lip primer, such as Golden Rose Prep & Prime lip primer.
  • For easy removal, use Golden Rose Two-Phase Makeup Remover.

Golden Rose Lip Markers are dermatologically tested for your safety and never tested on animals.

For natural, buildable lip color that won’t transfer or fade, you need a Golden Rose Lip Marker. Buy now!

Made in Germany

PRECISE CHISEL TIP – the unique chisel tip of the lip stain allows you to outline precise lines and fill in large areas without streaking.
BUILDABLE COVERAGE – apply one coat for a light touch of color.  Add more to build a bolder lip.
KISSPROOF & SMUDGEPROOF – lip stain stays on your lips!
LONG LASTING FORMULA – color your lips with a stain that will last even while eating and drinking.

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Price: $8.99

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