Forever Living Ginkgo Plus 60 Tablets

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Feed your creativity with Ginkgo Biloba, the legendary “brain tonic” dating back five millennia. Forever Ginkgo Plus is a unique blend of four Chinese plants. Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, its chief ingredient, is combined with the powerful Chinese herbs of Ganoderma from Reishi mushrooms, Schisandra berries and cured Fo-ti. Extract from the ginkgo leaf yields flavonoids and terpenoids which strengthen capillaries. They also act as antioxidants. Ginkgo has been shown to increase circulation of blood to the brain, making it a remarkable “brain tonic.” #Enhances blood supply to the brain #Helps support circulation #Energy level booster #Includes tonic herbs to boost the benefits of ginkgo #50:1 leaf-to-extract ratioEnhances blood supply to the brain
Helps support circulation
Energy level booster
Includes tonic herbs to boost the benefits of ginkgo
50:1 leaf-to-extract ratio

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Price: $23.70

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