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Fitdamentals: Fitness fundamentals that help REAL women lose weight, have more energy, and feel good in their own skin

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You’ve tried almost every diet, workout plan, and supplement out there, but you’re not losing weight, and you’re still unhappy with your body. Can I be honest with you?

You’ve been lied to.

You’ve been told if you just cut calories and spend an hour on the elliptical five days a week you’ll get fit. You’ve been told if you drink smoothies and take expensive supplements, you’ll drop pounds. But as a woman who has struggled most of her life to get fit and finally found what really works, I can tell you that getting into shape is not as complicated as you’ve been led to believe.
Here are some of the myths this book will bust right open:
● You need to drink way more water than you think you need to. That “8 glasses a day” thing is calculated for a 130-pound woman who doesn’t drink coffee.
● All the diets that have you eliminating fruit or fat will not help you keep weight off in the long-term.
● Doing cardio every day may be good for your heart, but it will not change the shape of your body.
● Trouble spot specific exercises (like crunches for your abs) will not help you lose the fat you need to lose to zip up those skinny jeans.
● Stress could be the factor of your life that’s causing you to yo-yo up and down and keep putting the weight back on.

If you’re ready to lose weight, have more energy, and feel good in your own skin, this book is your first, simple step.

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Price: 00.00

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