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Eye Serum for Dark Circles, Puffiness, Eye Bags, Crow’s Feet Ingredients Aloe Vera & Allantoin – Eye Treatment for Men and Women – Works on All Skin Types – Made In The UK

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Product Description :
Derma Treatments Pure Eye Rescue Serum rescue tired or dull eyes and make them sparkle with this gentle eye serum.

The main Ingredients in this solution are :
– Aloe Vera aims to stimulate the skin’s healing process, whilst its anti-inflammatory properties work to gently soothe and regenerate the delicate skin around the eyes.
– Allantoin aims to reduce skin irritation, whilst moisturizing and improving the texture of skin.

As an ethically engaged company, we are actively against animal testing. All of our products have been cruelty-fee produced.

Who we are ?

Derma Treatments is committed to cutting-edge skin science. Our expert teams put their knowledge together in the service of innovation brought to your skin blending super active ingredients.

What we do?

After the winter, our skin can often be left feeling dry, dull and dehydrated. Reinvigorate your complexion in time for summer with a helping hand from our skincare edit. Packed with lotions and potions designed to revive and rejuvenate, from purifying moisturisers to pH balancing cream sets, you’re sure to find the soothing solution for you..

Trust your skin regime to us….

Serum a lightweight formula that penetrates deeper to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients into your skin. Our unique complex of anti-ageing technologies help to repair, enhance and protect the skin. Smooth a pea sized amount in gentle circular motions to the skin in the morning before moisturising, and in the evening after your normal cleansing routine.

Eye Serum carefully formulated to target key signs of ageing, maintain moisture and protect the delicate skin around the eye area. Our serums are designed to fill, lift and tighten to leave your eyes bright and youthful. Apply in the morning and evening onto clean and dry skin around the eye area using the ring finger for the lightest pressure.

Day Moisturiser essential to deliver moisture, works to protect your skin and fight visible signs of ageing throughout the day. Keeps your skin supple and protected from environmental stress. Massage a generous amount of one of our lightweight day moisturisers across your face to soothe the skin all day long, improve firmness and reduce visible wrinkles and lines.

Night Moisturiser works effectively to fight visible signs of ageing while you sleep, a precious window of time where your skin can effectively regenerate. It keeps the skin hydrated whilst combating wrinkles, maintains balance and radiance of your skin. Massage a generous amount across your face and neck at night time, let it work while you can rest.ELIMINATE PUFFINESS WORKS INSTANTLY : The lightweight eye serums easily absorbs into your skin, leading to quicker results and better looking eyes in no time. Combine that with ALOE VERA which aims to stimulate the skin’s healing process, whilst its anti-inflammatory properties work to gently soothe and regenerate the delicate skin around the eyes, making it feel less greasy. Making it perfect for ALL SKIN TYPES .
ALLANTOIN : an effective moisturizing ingredient and its gentle, non-irritating qualities make it an excellent addition to anti-aging products for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin. Additionally, allantoin is a known keratolytic, meaning that it can increase the water content of cells while also aiding in the process of desquamation of the outer layers of skin.
CLINICAL TESTED FORMULA : Tried and tested formula that actually works and is MADE IN UK , with natural BIO – ACTIVES PARABEN FREE.
USAGE : Specially formulated for the delicate eye area. After cleansing, dispense one pump of the serum onto the ring finger of one hand, distributing it onto your other ring finger by pressing them together. Starting at the inner corner of each eye, press the product along the eye socket, applying a little pressure – just enough to stimulate the area. Continue till your temples and finish at the upper inner corner of your eyes.

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Price: $22.30

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