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Evolution Argan Oil Serum For Hair – Vitamin E Hair Serum To Soften Dry Hair – Nourishing Serum For Hair Straightening – Oil Hair Serum With Aloe Vera (2 Pack)

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Product Description :

Could there be anything more annoying than lackluster hair? You keep hiding in the woods! The Evolution hair serum has coveted ingredients like Argan Oil and Vitamin E, two key essentials to make you hair arouse curiosity and more. These ingredients pervade your hair from the roots to the crown, moisturizing it and protecting it from exposure to heat. Light in weight, this serum engages with hair with ease and gives it a fine sheen that could make anyone envious.

This serum is the pinnacle of hair protection, thanks to its expert ingredients. A few simple applications and the results are there for all to see.

Walk tall and let the eyes roll in ecstasy!

SOFTENS DRY HAIR: Damaged hair is a sight for sore eyes. This hair serum makes a deep expedition, from the roots to the crown, giving your hair a smooth & sleek texture. Bid adieu to unkempt hair.
TREATS ALL HAIR TEXTURES: This hair product for damaged hair is your window to a soft & glossy mane. Vitamin E nourishes your hair & gives it an enhanced shine. Give them a vibe hard to miss.
NON-GREASY & LIGHTWEIGHT: Crafted with hair oils for damaged hair, this Argan oil serum, revitalizes dehydrated locks with its nourishing treatment. Intensify your presence with your silky hair!
HALTS HAIR LOSS : A bald pate indicates undernourished hair. This hair serum for dry hair is a wiz in reducing hair fall. It strengthens hair roots & checks breakages. Slay them with silky hair!
MAKES HAIR SOFT & HEALTHY: The replenishing ingredients of this serum offer immense hydration to hair. They restore the innate moisture of your hair to the hilt. Enjoy a serum of great awakening!

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Price: $26.99

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