Evalectric Nourishing & Moisturizing Conditioner | Enriched with Olive Oil | Pass The Hair Test With Flying Color and Style | 180 Ml / 6.4 Fl. Oz.

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Think you’ve got healthy hair? Try this quick test. Snip or pluck a clean strand of hair and drop it in and eight once glass of water. Does it sink? If it does, you probably have dry damaged hair.

No one wants sinking hair. You want healthy hair, hair that floats. Hair that’s shiny and vibrant can take years off your appearance. Dry, brittle hair frizzes easily, and can look dull and lifeless, making you look older. So, what can you do if you fail the healthy hair test?

Excessive styling can rob hair of precious minerals and hydration, but if your hair is looking worse for wear, it doesn’t mean you have to ditch the styling tools. The Evalectric Nourishing and Moisturizing Conditioner is the perfect fix for dry and damaged hair, and repairs hair on a deeper level than regular conditioners.

This deep conditioning treatment contains plant proteins, known to restore keratin to your hair and repair damaged cuticles, while enriching olive oil acts a sealing agent to lock in moisture and protect hair for days after you use it.

You’ll find your locks expanding in volume, with the strength to stand up to any coloring and styling treatment. Your hair will have new life, and so will you. Hair tests? Bring ’em on! With Evalectric, you’ll pass with flying color and style that will earn you top marks!

CALMS FRIZZ AND STATIC – Intense concentrated formula works to prevent static, calm frizz and restore shine to your lustrous hair.
CAN BE USED DAILY – This deep conditioner for straight, curly and natural hair can be used daily to deep condition hair and prevent split ends.
SUITS ALL HAIR TYPES – This deep hair conditioner hydrates dull, dry, color treated, damaged or brittle hair, eliminating buildup and oily residue.
CONTAINS PLANT PROTEINS AND OLIVE OIL – This hair conditioning treatment contains plant protein and olive oil to restore, repair and refresh hair.
PREVENTS BREAKAGE AND DEHYDRATION – Essential nutrients deliver moisture and nourish dry or itchy scalp to protect against dryness and breakage.

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Price: $9.99

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