Electronic Muscle Stimulator/EMS & TENS : Tone-A-Matic TAMTEC Sport 4 Plus – 20 Adhesive Electrode Pads & Accessories with 8 Programs Including: Interferential IFC, Micro-Current, TENS, EMS

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Product Description :
The Tone-A-Matic PLUS is the latest EMS device for muscle building and rehabilitation. Tone-A-Matic has been manufacturing superior quality electronic muscle stimulators for over 25 years and we are constantly innovating to improve our products. The TAMTEC PLUS has Interferential, Micro-Current, TAMEXX Active Recovery Program, Russian Stim, Regular Stim, and TENS all in one machine. Having 2 independent channels and 8 concurrent pads will allow for a full body treatment with 8 different treatment programs. This device is very user-friendly and easy to use. Simply turn on the machine, choose a desired program with the touch of a button, set your time, press START, and adjust the intensity to a comfortable level. Unlike other TENS devices that only treat pain through massage, our EMS device was designed to treat pain and build muscle with 8 different built in programs. Our electronic muscle stimulator duplicates the effects of regular exercise by sending electrical impulses to targeted muscle groups to contract and relax. This means you get the benefits of performing sit-ups and lifting weights without actually doing it! Our machine will allow you to tone, firm, and shape your abdominals, pecs, buttocks, and thighs while reading, watching TV, and replying to emails.FDA OTC Cleared. This Electronic Muscle Stimulator tones, builds, & strengthens muscles by duplicating the effects of regular exercise by sending electrical impulses to selected muscles to contract & relax. This unit also includes numerous high and low frequency wave forms to treat pain and muscle injuries. Recommended for Personal Use Only.
8 different pre-set programs to choose from, including: TENS, Tamexx Microcurrent, Tamexx Interferential IFC, etc. Works with Rechargeable Battery Only.
4 Independent Channels/Controls allows the user to use 8 pads simultaneously. The unit is equipped with an adjustable Timer, adjustable Intensity Controls, Rechargeable Battery, and digital display.
Included Accessories: Total of 20 Self-Adhesive Pads: 2 packs of Large Self-Adhesive Pads (sticky pads) – 8 total, 3 packs of Small Self-Adhesive Pads (sticky pads) – 12 total, 4 Lead Wires, New Longer Lasting Rechargeable Battery, Charger, Instruction Manual, Carrying Case
Product Dimensions – Length: 7.09″ Width: 4.72″ Height: 1.22-1.81″

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Price: $279.00

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