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Earnest Living Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set with Refrigerator Storage Box Travel Pack. Jade Face Roller & Eye Roller for Relaxation Easy Grip GuaSha Scraper Extra Cooling Effect for under eye puffiness

Only $9.97

Product Description

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        We all need to learn the balance between working and living. After a long day’s hard work, we must relax and recharge ourselves, so we could be ready for the challenges tomorrow. Earnest Living specializes in the field of Aromatherapy; through our products, you’ll be able to harvest the therapeutic effects of plant essence, and enjoy the healing power of nature.

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    Earnest Living 100% Authentic Natural Jade Roller 

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        Continuously using this device and you will see noticeable skin improvements around the eyes and the face. Using our Jade Roller to massage these areas could increase blood circulation and tighten your skin; these motions are known to reduce wrinkles on your forehead, laugh lines, and the inevitable and crow’s feet. Store the device with our Refrigerator Friendly Box and use the device cold to massage around the eye area; cold massages can reduce puffy eyes and under eye dark circles.

            100% Authentic Natural Jade Stone

            Reduce Puffiness, Improve Circulations, Keeps You Feel Young

            Noiseless &amp; Super Smooth

            Use It Cooled, Experience the Full Cold Massage Effect

            Delicate Boxing for A Perfect Gift

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    Handcrafted Natural XiuYan Jade

        Each piece of XiuYan Jade is carefully selected and hand crafted by professionals

    Noiseless &amp; Smoothness

        Every little detailed is made with highest quality materials. Upgraded fills ensures the Jade Roller is smooth rolling without any squeaking noise.

    Gua Sha Scraper

        Gua Sha is a natural alternative treatment used for centuries; using this tool with a scraping motion on our skin can help us to release the bad “Qi” the body and improve circulations. This ancient technique is well known, like common knowledge, in most parts of Asia, and is now introduced to the western worlds.

Use a cooled eye roller massage to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. Refrigerator Box included
Relaxing Massages is good for skin and wrinkles. Travel Set to keep your good looks always with you.
Gua Sha Massages can improve circulations. Grip Size design improved for handling and forward press
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you’re not satisfied with product return it with no questions asked