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Eagle Eye 911 – Phytage Labs (Official – 60 Capsules) All Natural Vision Support Supplement with Antioxidant Lutein | Aids Optimal Eye Function & Supports Healthy Retinal Tissue | Reduce Eye Strain

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(as of Mar 26,2020 16:41:54 UTC – Details)

Get Your Eye Health Back And Get Your Freedom Back. Thanks to new discoveries in natural medicine you can now enjoy superior eye health and clear vision again with the Eagle Eye 911 Formula. If you’ve been struggling with deteriorating vision due to the poor health of your eyes… today is the day that can all change. Doctors and health care professionals advise their friends and family to take the lutein and the other key ingredients found inside Eagle Eye 911 and make them part of their daily health regimen… These doctors make sure to use it for their own eyes, as well! Because the doctors know that if you’re over 40, you should take lutein every day for the health of your eyes and the protection of your vision. While lutein is a nutrient found mainly in green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and broccoli… it is just too much to ask most people to eat enough of these vegetables every day to get the amount of lutein your eyes need daily. Eagle Eye 911 includes a daily dosage of 20Mg of lutein. But why is 20 Mg important? Because doctors and clinical studies recommend that YOU NEED 12-20 MG OF LUTEIN EACH DAY. Even when people realize they should be taking lutein for their eye health, unfortunately most are falling way short of this amount. And this hardly enough to make any difference in your vision. In addition, Lutein Fills Your Maculae And Absorbs Damaging Ultra Violet Rays Before They Reach Your Retinas. Each container has 60 capsules (30 day supply). You should start to see results within the first 30 days, but for maximum effectiveness, we recommend using the supplement for at least a full 90 days. Certified Powerful Antioxidants, Minerals And 100% Natural Plant Extracts

          <br />DEGENERATIVE VISION PROBLEMS USUALLY OCCUR SO SLOWLY – That we don’t even know it’s happening. Now you can have the ability to help bring about and maintain brighter, sharper and clearer vision.<br />ENJOY THE POWER OF EXTREME ANTIOXIDANTS – So you can naturally relieve discomfort, boost the health of your eyes, sharpen your focus and even improve your night vision.<br />EAGLE EYE 911 HAS BEEN PERFECTED – Made for middle-aged individuals (and beyond) to give your eyes what they need to return to the vision of more youthful years, based on the most recent eye studies, medical research and alternative health data available.<br />PROVEN ALL NATURAL VISION HEALTH SUPPORT – EAGLE EYE 911 has 59 times more vision defense that one of the best-selling multivitamins in America. In additional to Lutein, the antioxidants and minerals found inside this advanced formula include natural ingredients such as Zinc, Vitamin A (as beta carotene), Bilberry (20% extract), Grape Seed (95% extract), Quercetin, L-Taurine, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and Lycopene… all working synergistically to support the health & optimal functioning of your eyes.