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DUcare Kabuki Foundation Brush Makeup Brushes Synthetic Buffing Stippling Professional Liquid Blending Mineral Powder Makeup Tools (Rose Golden and White)

Only $7.99

Product Description

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        DUcare Makeup Brushes Provides Professional choice of Makeup Brushes - Kabuki, Foundation, &amp; EyeShadow Brushes; Lip Liner, Blush &amp; Powder Brushes.

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        Our makeup brushes have bold handle for easy use. Highest quality material, high density bristle, high quality Synthetic fiber hair,Does Not SHED.

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    DUcare Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush

    The Perfect Brush for a Flawless Finish

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        The soft, silky bristles create an even, smooth application, without trapping or absorbing excessive amounts of the product like other makeup brushes

            ✔ 100% vegan &amp; cruelty free 

            ✔ Incredibly soft, silky, durable bristles 

            ✔ Incredibly easy to clean 

            ✔ Cruelty-free synthetic Hair

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    Soft, silky bristles

        Cruelty-free hair. so soft, dense, silky and applies foundation so well

    Perfect for Liqiuld Foundation

        It is a stippling brush to apply powder, cream and liquid products onto the skin without trapping or absorption of product

    No Shedding

        High quality synthetic bristles and a white wooden handle

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    How to Clean the Brushes?

        1. Run the bristles under lukewarm water. NOT HOT WATER.

        2. Pour some baby shampoo or soap to the water.

        3. Dip the brush bristles into the mixture and swirl.

        4. Rinse the bristles under lukewarm water.

        5. Pat the bristles dry, then reshape them and

        6. Let the brush air dry.



Foundation Liquild

Brushes Cleaner

Duo End Brushes

Brushes with case


Never Shedding

100% Vegan


Liquid Foundation Brush:This Flat Kabuki Foundation Brush is made of density synthetic hair,very soft bristled yet firm enough,easily cover minor blemishes,spots and even acne with most types of full coverage foundations
Feature: Applying products on forehead, cheeks, nose or chin,without trapping or absorption;Easily cover minor blemishes, spots and even acne
Material:Super density synthetic fiber (cruelty-free) + Eco-friendly wooden handle + Gold deluxe powder,sample design but stylish and elegant,makes applying makeup a luxurious experience, 6.24 inch long, handle is 3.50 inch.
Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident in our products that we offer a 30-day replacement or money-back guarantee. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service


for Setting or Foundation