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Dr. Whitaker’s Vision Essentials Gold – Eye Health Supplement with 40 mg of Lutein Plus Vitamin A & Zeaxanthin – Supports Macular Health and Shields Eyes Against Blue Light Exposure (360 Capsules)

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Dr. Whitaker’s Vision Essentials Gold delivers 16 powerful nutrients, including 40 mg of lutein, which goes above and beyond basic eye health supplements on the market. Dozens of studies, at multiple dosages suggest lutein is effective at shielding your retina and macula from free-radicals. Your retina and macula are vital to seeing clear, sharp images and perceiving colors, but the amount of lutein in your eyes naturally depletes with age so it is vital to supplement with lutein. Similar to lutein, zeaxanthin is found in the macula area of the retina and it naturally depletes as you age. Since your body can’t produce it and it that helps maintain the health of your photoreceptors and retinal lining it’s important to supplement with adequate amounts. With Vision Essentials Gold you get a full 2 mg of zeaxanthin. Vision Essentials Gold also provides super antioxidant firepower with a combined 300 mg of black currant, bilberry, goji and maqui berries in the Berry Vision Complex. Bilberry is rich in anthocyanosides supporting microcirculation, the intricate photoreceptor cells, and to protect against free-radicals that bombard your eyes. And black currant, whose water-soluble antioxidant properties lie in the anthocyanins, is important for eye health because the anthocyanins are soluble in the aqueous humor, the space between the lens and the cornea. The maqui berry is a super fruit indigenous to the rainforests of Chile and is known for its brilliant purple color and its anthocyanin content. The nutrient-dense goji berry brings naturally occurring carotenoids and a whole a host of concentrated antioxidant protecting benefits. You also get reduced glutathione, taurine, N-acetyl L-cysteine, and vitamin C along with 6 other vision supportive ingredients. Combined, these ingredients help shield delicate eye cells from the oxidative stress caused by harmful wavelengths of light and nourish every part of your eye for comprehensive eye health.17 POWERFUL INGREDIENTS, INCLUDING 40 MG OF CLINICALLY VALIDATED LUTEMAX 2020 LUTEIN to support the health of your retina and macula.
HELPS SHIELD YOUR EYES FROM SOME OF THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF BLUE LIGHT EXPOSURE from laptops, TVs, smartphones, tablets, energy-saving lightbulbs, fluorescent lights, TVs, and more.
8 MG ZEAXANTHIN ISOMERS TO HELP MAINTAIN THE HEALTH OF YOUR EYES, including your photoreceptors, and retinal lining plus 20 mg Setria Glutathione, a patented form of glutathione- the body’s “master antioxidant.”
AWARD WINNING LUTEMAX 2020 LUTEIN is comprised of all three carotenoids concentrated in the macula and retina: lutein (40 mg), zeaxanthin (8 mg), and mesozeaxanthin (2 mg).
DEVELOPED BY JULIAN WHITAKER, MD, PIONEER OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, helping people improve their quality of life.

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Price: $134.97

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