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Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Treatment, 1.3 Fl Oz

Only $95.00

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    About Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

        A pioneer in natural skincare for over 50 years, Dr. Hauschka collections are born from a passion for natural solutions, healthy skin and the rhythms of nature. All of our products are 100% certified natural by NATRUE, have never been tested on animals, and do not contain any synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives.

        Inspired by our vision of cultivating a culture of care, everything we do is in the interest of fostering well-being in the world, from our ecologically conscious methods of growing and sourcing ingredients to our one-of-a-kind manufacturing processes and international fair-trade initiatives.

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    100% Certified Natural

        We take pride in sourcing our ingredients sustainably. Whether they're from our own biodynamic herb garden, our Demeter-certified farm in Germany or across the globe through fair-trade, value-generating partnerships, our mission is to source natural ingredients as local as possible and as global as necessary.



1.3 Fl Oz