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Dr. H. & Co. Dentist Formulated Heal Therapeutic Mouth Rinse – All Natural Herbal Professional Strength Mouthwash for Oral Gum Health (4 oz Glass Bottle)

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Product Description :
Nature Itself Is the Best Physician

Hippocrates is right! Dr. H. & Co. blends ancient herbalism with modern science for holistic health.

Heal is dentist formulated and clinically proven therapy for oral health. Heal is professional strength and used by dentists to help heal and soothe gum tissue after dental procedures.

Our Inspiration

More than 60 years ago, a dentist named Weston Price traveled the globe photographing and documenting the connection between healthy bodies and mouths. Around the planet Price consistently found that people and cultures with excellent oral health and beautiful smiles were practically free of bodily disease.


Dr. H. created Heal because he was fed up with the low-grade toxic products on the market. He originally developed Heal to be used by patients as a professional treatment after dental surgeries and procedures or for advanced gum disease.

After offering the formula to thousands of patients in his offices, Dr. H. and his team of doctors and specialists were blown away by the results.

Aloe Vera Gel: anti-inflammatory, reduces plaque and heals sores.
Yerba Mansa: inflammation of mucous membranes, swollen gums and sore throat.
Prickly Ash Bark: inflammation, toothache, sores and ulcers.
Yarrow Flower: fights bacteria and stops bleeding.
Goldenseal Root: treats cold sores, bleeding and infection.
Shepherd’s Purse: stops bleeding.
Calendula: anti-inflammatory, helps sore throat.
White Oak Bark: antibacterial, antiseptic, treats infections.
Myrrh Resin: reduces soreness, swelling, inflamed gums, gingivitis, loose teeth, canker sores and bad breath.
Peppermint Oil: antimicrobial, freshens breath and opens the respiratory tract.
Cinnamon Oil: destroys odor-causing bacteria.
Tea Tree Oil: antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and prevents and heals candidiasis, gingivitis and gum inflammation.
Xylitol: reduces tooth decay.Formulated to repair and rejuvenate irritated or ulcerated tissue and stop bleeding gums. Reduces oral inflammation and plaque.
All natural herbal and holistic formula reduces undesirable bacteria, virus and oral fungus.
Handcrafted in small batches utilizing the highest quality Aloe Vera, botanical extracts and essential oils.
Clinically tested with a wide array of therapeutic value for oral tissue and gum health. Used after dental procedures to help heal and sooth gums.
Vegan, gluten-free with no harsh chemicals, artificial flavors or colors. Bottled in eco-friendly glass for the environment and your health.

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Price: $19.95

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