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Dorco Pace 6 Pro – Six Blade Razor System with Trimmer- 12 Pack Refill (No Handle)

Price: $24.99
(as of Mar 26,2020 15:42:56 UTC – Details)

    Product Description

    <img alt="DORCO blades come in a wide variety - find the one that works for you" src=",0,2000,600_PT0_SX600_V1___.jpg"/>

        At DORCO, we pride ourselves on using innovation and technological advancement to provide you with an exceptional shaving experience.

        For more than 60 years, DORCO has shaved the world using advanced blade technology.

        We honor tradition while crafting a growing range of sharp, strong, long-lasting blades.

        We design our products with you in mind.

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    Our Blades Are Different: Our Unique Bent Blade Design Allows Accurate Shaving With Precision

        Our focus on the science of shaving has led to major advances in comfort and control. With more blades, you get a close, smooth shave, as each blade pulls more hair through the razor, leaving you feeling cleaner.

        </p>Thanks to our blades which are formed into angle, we can then position them very close together.As your shaving experience depends on the number and  position of the blades, and the spaces between them, we have precision-engineered our blades to give you a smooth shave in one effortless stroke.So you enjoy a safe, smooth shave with less skin irritation.

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    Premier Shaving System Solution


    <img alt="Any DORCO blade fits any DORCO handle" src=",0,2000,2000_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg" class="a-spacing-mini"/><br />

    <img alt="The design of the Dorco blade makes it rust less and clean easily" src=",0,2000,2000_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg" class="a-spacing-mini"/><br />

    <img alt="Ergonomic handles make it easy to control and maneuver your Dorco blade" src=",0,2000,2000_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg" class="a-spacing-mini"/><br />

    Choose The Blade That Works For You 

        Dorco understands that sometimes you have different shaving needs. DORCO's common docking system means that you aren't tied to any blade type - any of your DORCO blade favorites will fit on the same handle. Choose the one that suits your needs and replace them whenever you want!

    Blades That Resist Clogging and Getting Dull

        Dorco's open-flow design resists clogs by gliding right through shaving cream and loose bits of hair so that you. When you're done, all six blades sharp wash clean easily with a quick rinse, so that you are ready to go next time.This increases blade life so that you can keep shaving with the same blade for longer.

    Wet Shave Technology Made Better

        Shaving is much easier with an ergonomic handle that glides with your hand, not against it.  Our unique bent blade design allows you to tilt the blade to every angle, so you can expect unparalleled accuracy in your shave.

<br />GO DEEP: The pivoting head constantly maintains closest contact with the various contour of your skin, and the wide SleekFlow guard bar ensures hair follicles are in an optimal state for a close and comfortable shave. The ergonomic handle with rubber grip fits in your hand like a glove and prevents the razor from slipping.<br />RAISING THE BAR FOR CLOSE SHAVES: MicroSpan technology allows the blades to be positioned closer together, reducing the amount of skin that bulges between them for a safe, smooth shave. Also, never miss hard-to-reach spots with the safety trimmer.<br />SOOTHE SENSITIVE SKIN: Vitamin E & Aloe Vera on the Dual SmoothShield lubrication strip of the Pace 6 Pro soothe and care your skin. When you're done, a quick rinse will get rid of the debris and leave all six blades sharp and ready to go next time.<br />JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT: Our interchangeable docking system allows any Dorco Pace/Pace Pro cartridges to fit any Dorco razor handle. Choose the one that suits your needs and replace them whenever you want!