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CNC Eye Lift Wrinkle Cream, Visibly Lifts, Firms, and Brightens the Entire Eye Area with Antioxidants and a Revolutionary Collagen Production Boost – 0.5 fl. oz

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Product Description :
Approach the world with bright, wide eyes that defy time. CNC’s natural Eye Lift is a cutting-edge eye brightener and anti-dark-circle cream with clinically-proven ingredients. Daily application will visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles and protect against further stress symptoms. Pure vitamin E, avocado oil, sunflower extract, and Albizia Julibrissin Bark bolster the delicate eye tissue with vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.

This vegan hydrating eye cream is specially formulated to treat and enhance the entire eye area. Unlike other creams that target one specific problem, the CNC Eye Lift delivers 360-degree results to lift the upper eye lid, fade under-eye dark circles, calm puffiness, and smooth crow’s feet wrinkles.

Beautifeye, one of the revolutionary hero ingredients, is clinically proven to boost collagen and elastin production by 229% to 256% for long-lasting firming results. Darutoside is also very effective in the promotion of collagen production and tissue regeneration. Wrinkle depth was reduced by 33% and eye fatigue symptoms were visibly improved within 7 days for all test subjects.

Botanimoist AMS moisturizing apple saccharides are clinically proven to boost skin hydration by up to 88% in just 30 minutes. The hero ingredient is amplified by rice bran extract and sweet almond oil, which balance oil production and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Sodium hyaluronate plumps wrinkles and firms from the inside out with unparalleled skin penetration and hydration.

The CNC eye wrinkle cream virtually eliminates pigmentation problems with a up to 32% reduction in dark circles. You don’t have to live with sagging skin and drooping eyelids – Eye Lift Hero Ingredients are clinically proven to lift eyelids by up to 61% and raise fold height by up to 91%. With proven results and powerful ingredients, CNC delivers real, long-lasting results.VISIBLE LIFT: Naturally firm and lift the position of your upper eyelids and folds between up to 61% and 91% with Beautify, which is clinically proven to combat sagging skin
COLLAGEN BOOST: Discover immediate results with lasting benefits due to a strengthening of the dermis, fibrous repair, and a up to 256% increase in collagen production
ANTIOXIDANTS: Albizia Julibrissin bark antioxidants are 6x more powerful than traditional ascorbic acid and it’s paired with Darutoside to help to prevent wrinkles
PLUMPING: Botanimoist AMS apple saccharides provide an up to 88% boost in hydration after just 30 minutes and sodium hyaluronate plumps under the skin by holding 1,000x its weight in water
POWERFUL RESULTS: Lifting upper eyelids by up to 91%*, smoothing crow’s feet wrinkles by up to 33%, fading dark circles by up to 32%,reducing the aspect of fatigue of the eye area by up to 44%, increasing the collagen synthesis by up to 256%, increasing the elastin synthesis by up to 229%

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Price: $49.00

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