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Beauty Junkees Pro mini Duo Fiber Stippling Makeup Brush for Precision Concealer, Color Correcting Blending Liquid, Cream, Powder, Synthetic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Black, 1 pc

Price: $10.00

Product Description :
“It’s not everyday you find a company that offers reasonably priced duo fibre makeup brushes that are high quality.”Introducing Beauty Junkees Newest Makeup Brush Set. Duo-Fibers work beautifully with liquids, creams, and powders using long and short synthetic hairs to pick up and distribute the perfect amount of makeup, leaving a sheer, flawless, skin perfecting finish. The short bristles hold the product, while the long bristles blend to a featherweight finish.

Duo Fiber Blending: Aids in the sheer application and smooth blending of loose powder and cream eye shadows. Easily blends out the edges of harsh lines, or sheer out dark and heavily pigmented shades that are hard to blend. 

Duo Fiber Blush: Picks up just the right amount of blush and glides across your cheekbones, evenly and lightly distributing and blending for a sheer flawless finish. Helps diffuse highly pigmented blushes.

Duo Fiber Fan Highlighter: The flat fan shape allows for even and soft definition. Perfect for a featherweight application of heavily pigmented cosmetics.

mini Duo Fiber Stippling: Perfectly blends concealer into the skin for a sheer flawless finish.

Duo Fiber Large Powder: Blends and diffuses powder for a softer, more natural finish.

Duo Fiber Large Stippling: Works beautifully with liquid foundation, blending evenly and flawlessly for a foolproof airbrushed finish. Stipple your BB/CC creams, tinted moisturizers.

Buy one brush, or the 6 pc set. The set includes a bonus Makeup Brush Case that is large enough to carry even your longest makeup brushes, yet easily fits in your purse.

Before you buy another expensive makeup brush, give Beauty Junkees a try. We guarantee you will love our high quality makeup brushes, and if not, we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? BUY TODAY!Get Super Precision When You Need It! Need to conceal those pesky pimples? Need that color corrector to look more natural? This mini stippling brush does some heavy lifting. Perfectly blends the cover up makeup into the skin for a sheer flawless finish.
Want to join the strobing crowd, without looking like a disco ball? Ease in to this trend by featuring your best assets rather than going for the full-face effect.
Why Stipple? Stippling is a technique used for light coverage when you need just enough for a more natural look. This application technique does an amazing job of disguising problem areas such as discoloration, dry patches, pimples and scars.
Multitasking brush also perfect for stippling foundation in to the nooks and crannies of the face, and for applying cream blush and highlighter.

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Price: $10.00

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