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BamBooBat Bamboo Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat: HNBU34S White/Blue HNBU34S NAT/Blue

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    BamBooBat Softball Bats

        BamBooBat Adult Softball Bats by Pinnacle Sports Equipment Inc.

        Our adult model BamBooBat softball bats are made with the highest quality bamboo available. We use a proprietary mix of different types of bamboo which creates a very durable and weight appropriate bat for players aging from 13 years old to adult. Our adult softball bats come in size 34". We have the HNBB, which is the Natural Handle with a Black Barrel, the HNBU, which is the Natural Handle with the Blue Barrel, the HNBR, which is the Natural Handle with the Red Barrel, the HBBW which is the Black Handle with the White Barrel. All of these models are ASA approved. Our bats are finished with a shiny high gloss finish on the entire bat and come with a grip on the handle. New colors are on the way. All our products provide a great value for your hard earned dollar.

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    Key Features of the BamBooBat Adult 100 - Day Softball Bat by Pinnacle Sports Equipment

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BambooBat Grip

BambooBat Grip



    Cupped Barrel End

        A cupped end allows for a harder wood construction while helping improve overall balance, and increase swing speed and velocity.

    BambooBat Grip

        Leather like grip helps reduce vibration and creates a tighter bond from the hand to the bat.

    Durability, Performance &amp; Variety

        To create a durable and weight-appropriate bat, our Adult bamboo softball bats are made with a proprietary mix of highest quality bamboo. Available in four color ways, each bat has a high-gloss finish on the entire bat and finished with a wrapped handle.


100% Bamboo

Bamboo/Hickory Composite





White, Black, Red, Royal

White, Black

Swing Weight

End Loaded

End Loaded

Cupped End

Leather Grip

PSI Break Point



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    About Pinnacle Sports Equipment

        Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the premium-branded, BamBooBat baseball and softball items, the Pinnacle Triad Titanium necklace and bracelet lines. With Quadcore and Fuzioncor Technology, we have a variety of baseball and softball models to choose from. Additionally, our full line of single and triple titanium necklaces come in 35 team colors to choose from. Our two bracelet styles are also available in 20 different colors.

        At Pinnacle Sports, you'll receive quality products at the most reasonable prices imaginable. Our customers are always first.

100 Day
ASA Approved
Cupped End Barrel


Natural Bamboo Handles