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Anna Sui Womens Cornflower Multi Dotted Paisley Dress

Only $577.60

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        Anna Sui is one of New York’s most beloved and accomplished fashion designers, known for creating contemporary original clothing inspired by spectacular amounts of research into vintage styles and cultural arcana. Sui joined NY’s intensely creative cultural underground in the 1970s. Sui, a first-generation Chinese American says, "you have to focus on your dreams, even if they go beyond common sense. How could this young girl from the suburbs of Detroit become a success in New York? It was always that dream."

        Sui was part of a generation of fashion designers who remade American style in the 1990s. She rejected 1980s power dressing in favor of a more relaxed silhouette that reflected the values of youth culture. Since her premiere runway show in 1991, Sui has produced 84 collections and remains at the helm of her independent brand. A passionate advocate for New York’s Garment District, she has located her business and produced most of her fashion lines in NYC for the past 38 years.

<img alt="Anna Sui Spring Summer 2020 Collection" src="" class="a-lazy-loaded" data-src=",155,900,900_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg"/><img alt="Anna Sui Spring Summer 2020 Collection" src=",155,900,900_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg"/>

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    Anna Sui Spring Summer 2020 Collection

        "I’m calling this collection “Victorianna.” It’s Victorian style, but different from what I usually do because there’s hardly any black. It’s all about dreamy colors, and it’s very airy and fresh. There’s a lot of soft pastels but they are highlighted with pops of fluorescent details. It’s my take on Nouvelle Bohemian."

Beautiful Light Weight Silk Dress With Lace Trim And Handkerchief Hem
70% Tencel 30% Silk
Model Is Wearing A Size 4. Runs True To Size
Made In New York City, Usa, Hydrocarbon Dry Clean Only
This Item Is Part Of The Vogue X Amazon Fashion Initiative To Support A Common Thread And The American Fashion Industry. Sizes And Quanities Are Limited.