ActiPatch Advanced Long Lasting Relief – Knee Pain (L/XL)

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ActiPatch offers clinically proven knee pain relief that works around the clock, with no drugs, electrical shocks, or creams. Shown to reduce pain, increase physical activity and improve overall quality of life in people with osteoarthritis of the knee. In the clinical trial, people using ActiPatch actually (significantly) reduced their use of NSAIDs Beloved by Britain. More than 1 million units sold worldwide! ActiPatch helps retrain your nerves-teaching them to send pain signals normally again. Using rapidly pulsing electromagnetic waves that are low enough so you cannot feel them, but high enough to provide benefits, ActiPatch “teaches” your “over-reactive” nerves to signal correctly again Great alternative to pills (NSAIDS or even opioids), CBD creams and oils, knee braces, ice, cold/hot wraps and TENS treatments like iRelieve or Quell Just place the wire loop over the area where you’ve got pain (so the painful area is inside the device’s loop), attach it with included tape, and wear it up to 24 hours a day-you can even sleep and shower with it onLong lasting relief which allows for a good night’s sleep. FDA- Cleared for 24/7 use which restores you to your daily activities

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Price: $39.95

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