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ACACIA HONEY – 20 Ounce Flute by Savannah Bee Company

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Our premium Acacia Honey hails from the glorious and pristine highlands of Hungary, just south of the Austrian boarder. The clean, light vanilla taste is perfection on the palate. This single-varietal gem is made from the delicate blossoms of the Acacia tree. One taste of this fine honey, and you will be an Acacia lover forever! This is honey perfection. Acacia Honey is very rare and dependent on a variety of climatic conditions. As always, our supply is limited and will not last very long. Sometimes folks refer to Acacia honey as Moonflower honey or Water honey, Acacia honey is actually produced from the nectar of the “False Acacia” tree flower. False Acacia is commonly referred to as the Black Locust tree. This tree has been widely planted all across Europe, especially in Eastern European countries. The Black Locust tree is actually native to North America. Acacia honey is known for its great clarity and light color. Acacia honey is also known as Moon Honey and Water Honey Acacia honey is known for its subtle vanilla flavor hints. Acacia honey has a high fructose to glucose ratio and will resist the tendency to crystalize.Clean, Light Vanilla Taste
Acacia Honey is very rare
High fructose to glucose ratio and will resist the tendency to crystallize.
Acacia honey is antimicrobial, antiseptic, has a low pollen content, healing properties, energizing effect and antioxidant action making it an extremely healthy product
Kosher by KSA

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Price: $49.00

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